Make A Difference Digital Summit / Workplace Culture / Mental Health / Wellbeing
Make a Difference
OCTOBER 15 2020
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Why Attend

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2020 is witnessing workplaces changing at an unprecedented pace. One thing is sure - it has never been clearer how critical employee mental health and wellbeing are to the livelihood of businesses.

As employers grapple with uncharted challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and plan for recovery, we aim to bring you the content that will best ensure you’re equipped to meet the diverse needs of today’s and tomorrow’s workers.

With many mental health services overwhelmed and access to care becoming progressively more challenging, we’re here to help you navigate the maze of options available. Our goal: to ensure you find effective and affordable support for your unique workforce.

Whether you’re an employer new to this space and keen to explore the best workplace mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing solutions, or you’re further along in your journey and seeking new innovative approaches to bolster an established wellbeing support plan—we’re confident you’ll find content relevant to your goals.

What will you leave with?

  • Confidence that you can make a sustainable impact, not only to the lives of your employees but also to the bottom line of your business
  • Understanding of what works and what doesn’t work, drawing on the experiences of both influential leaders in established industries and bold disruptors who are setting the benchmark for defining the kind of future-focused corporate cultures that younger generations are demanding
  • Tried and tested, practical tools and actionable solutions that can be implemented immediately in your workplace, with a strong focus on prevention
  • Exclusive insights into the most innovative developments on the horizon in workplace wellbeing that will help strengthen your position as an employer of choic
  • New contacts & invaluable case studies that will help you move beyond the “why” to the “how” of implementing sustainable mental health and wellbeing strategies
  • A clear steer on the very latest in digital innovation in mental health and which tools can meet the needs of your diverse workforce
  • Connections with solution providers working with a variety of leading businesses to deliver measurable, coherent support that’s creating a tangible, trackable impact

A Preview of Sessions to be Covered:

  • Leading through a crisis: discover how by prioritising workforce mental health and wellbeing, organisations have laid solid foundations for recovery.
  • Accountability: learn why properly training people managers and setting up accountability measures is one of your best wellbeing investments.
  • From HMO’s to EAP’s, apps & integrative wellbeing providers: What is the most effective care model of the future to improve health outcomes?
  • The CEO’s Speak: Hear from some of North America’s most progressive leaders who recognize the business case and social responsibility for investing in employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • 2020 & Beyond: Supporting the mental health of today’s young workers/tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Thriving at Work: the case for investment in wellbeing. How do you successfully integrate into business planning a business case that will ensure return on investment in staff workplace mental health and wellbeing?
  • Burnout: the worker’s plague of 2020’s. We may we not be able to eradicate burnout, we here’s how we can decelerate the incidences.

Who will you meet?

Responsibility for wellbeing crosses job titles, departments and sectors - from C-Suite, talent executives, managers and next-generation leadership teams through to HR professionals, internal mental health champions, senior executives and leaders from learning & development, diversity & inclusion, health & safety and facilities management.

So, this is the perfect opportunity for teams from different industries, and different sized businesses, to join the conversation.

Join 350+ like-minded professionals from across the continent and beyond for collaboration, inspiration and to find the right answers for your organisation – now, and for the future.

Your Make A Difference Digital Summit experience

Listen: Hear from over 50 cross-industry speakers from a wide range of sectors, all sharing their knowledge and experience on workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. With C-level keynotes, thought-provoking panels and interactive workshops.

Share: This is a real opportunity to learn from cross-industry leaders and peers: how they are approaching the same challenges as you.

Learn: Our three conference tracks focused on talent/engagement/culture, leadership and the future allow you to dive deeper into best practice case studies, delivering tried and tested first-hand experiences with actionable takeaways.

Discover: Visit our exhibition and innovation showcase to immerse yourself in the now and next of mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing, leadership development, workforce management, employee benefits and employee engagement.

Be inspired: Armed with insight into what works and what doesn’t work, go back to your workplace with a clear plan of action and fresh thinking so you can talk about mental health, wellbeing and workplace culture in a new and more effective way.

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