Make A Difference Digital Summit / Workplace Culture / Mental Health / Wellbeing
Make a Difference
OCTOBER 15 2020
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Make a Difference US in association with Mind Share Partners – Digital Agenda

09.30am EST
(6.30am PDT)
Networking ahead of MAD US and visit Exhibitor Showcases
Morning Keynotes
(1hr40 mins)
11.00-11.05am EST
(8.00-8:05am PDT)

Opening Intro to the day & explanation of how the sessions will work

Morning Host: Sheila Hamilton, CEO, Beyond Well Solutions
11.05-11.10am EST
(8.05-8.10am PDT)
Positivity Boost: kick-start the day with some positive psychology
11.10-11.15am EST
(8.10-8.15am PDT)

Keynote Introduction
Dr Nick Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO, Unmind  

(8.15-8.55am PDT)

Keynote #1 - Direct From the C-Suite: How to Lead an Organization During a Time of Uncertainty

Discover how by prioritizing workforce mental health and wellbeing, organizations are laying solid foundations for supporting staff through the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the national conversation about racism, remote work, and unexpected challenges to come.

Panel Host: Kelly Greenwood, Founder & CEO, Mind Share Partners
Panel includes: Guru Gowrappan, CEO, Verizon Media
Mike Malloy, Chief Amazement Officer, Rocket Mortgage  

11.55am-12.05pm EST
(08.55-9.05am PDT)
Q & A
12.05-12.10pm EST
(9.05-9.10am PDT)

Keynote Introduction

Garen Staglin, Chairman and Founder, One Mind

12.10-12.30pm EST
(9.10-9.30am PDT)

Keynote #2 - Mental Health and Wellbeing are Everybody's Business in 2020

Two of America’s most influential voices advocating for improving mental health across our country today will address the rising critical importance of companies supporting mental health of staff along with common challenges they face, the impacts of COVID-19, the important role policy plays and key ways employers can start taking action to improve mental health of their workers.  

Hosted by: Marjorie Morrison, President and Chief Executive Officer, Psych Hub

In conversation:
Former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy, Founder, The Kennedy Forum 
Paul Gionfriddo
, President & CEO, Mental Health America

The Kennedy Forum
12.30-12.40pm EST
(9.30-9.40am PDT)
Q & A
(By Invitation Only Session)
12.40-1.30pm EST
(9.40-10.30am PDT)

The Think Tank runs for 1 hour 12.30-1.30pm EST / 9.30-10.30am PDT

The ROI, VOI, and Moral Imperative of Mental Wellbeing

The Think Tank is "by invitation only" for C-Suite executives, keynote speakers & senior decision makers.

It will encourage a lively discussion with leading experts on the topics of return on investment and value on investment regarding mental wellbeing support for staff. It will provide an opportunity for a high-level, honest conversation on the ways the business case has shifted in 2020 and about how we can turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to build lasting relationships with employees as a moral imperative.

Chaired by: Professor Dame Carol Black DBE, Expert Adviser on Health and Work to NHS Improvement and Public Health England and Chair, Ageing Better

Hosted by: Jim Purcell, Founder, Returns on Wellbeing Institute
Dr Ron Goetzel, Senior Scientist, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and VP of Consulting and Applied Research, IBM Watson Health

12.40-1.20pm EST
(9.40-10.20am PDT)
Break or Visit Exhibitor Showcases or Networking at Coffee Bar
Breakouts: 2 hours total (50 mins each, incl 10 min Q&A)
Engagement, Culture, Talent

Track Moderator:
Natasha Krol, Head of Client Services & Principal, Mind Share Partners

Leadership & Collaboration

Track Moderator
Ian Shea, Founder & CEO, I M Human

Setting the Foundations

Track Moderator:
Solome Tibebu, Founder & Host, Cephalo Health

1.20-1.25pm EST
(10.20-10.25am PDT)
Energy Boost: a quick exercise to revive and refocus, Unmind
1.25-1.30pm EST

Introduction to the Afternoon Track sessions by the Track Moderator

1.30-2.10pm EST
(10.30-11.10am PDT)

Dismantling Stigma

Mental health benefits are available when employees seek support, but where does that leave the 8 in 10 employees that don’t get treatment because of fear and shame? Learn how companies are successfully creating a company culture that proactively eliminates stigma. And why having authentic senior-level support is critical in creating sustained impact.

Panel Host: Morra Aarons-Mele, Harvard Business Review Podcast Host, The Anxious Achiever
Panel includes: Deborah Olson, Principal Benefits Manager & Mental Health Champion, Genentech/Roche
Danielle R. Shanes, Head of Benefits and Wellbeing, National Basketball Association (NBA)
Clare Miller, Life@ Mental Health Program Manager, Facebook
Shanna B. Tiayon, PhD
, Founder and 'The Wellbeing Dr.', Wellbeing Works, LLC

Responding to the Impact of COVID-19

From increasing support for financial wellbeing and agile working to minimizing health and safety risk through workplace design, learn why preparing now for long-term impacts on employee mental health and wellbeing is critical. Explore the strategies of leading employers, the impact of their proactive efforts, and navigating employer/employee responsibility for wellbeing in these evolving times.

Panel Host: Dr Mike O'Neill, CEO and Founder, HumanSpace 
Panel includes: Jessica DiVento, PsyD, YouTube Chief Mental Health Advisor, Google
Dr Charles Lattarulo, Director of Behavioral Health, Healthy Minds, American Express
Charles Bacon III, Chairman and CEO, Limbach Holdings, Inc.
Nancy Chahwan, Chief Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Employee-Led Initiatives: From ERGs to Peer Listening

Learn about the unique benefits of employee-driven initiatives--such as employee resource groups, mental health ambassadors, and peer listening programs. Understand the essential ingredients to ensuring their success, and why these grassroots efforts are well-poised to tackle stigma and create sustainable cultures of support for employee mental health and wellbeing.

Panel host: Jen Porter, COO and Principal, Mind Share Partners
Panel includes: Meredith Arthur, Content Lead, Pinterest
Hyung-Do (HD) Kim, PhD
,  Strategist and Mental Health Champion, Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group  
Kate Busby
, Senior Marketing Manager, Best Buy Corporation

2.10-2.20pm EST
(11.10-11.20am PDT)
Q & A
2.20-2.40pm EST
(11.20am-11.40am PDT)
Break Visit Exhibitor Showcases or Networking at Coffee Bar
2.40-3.20pm EST
(11.40am – 12:20pm PDT)

The Culture Change That Needs to Happen

Workplace culture underpins so much: health, happiness, productivity, customer service, innovation, turnover. We’re shifting to a ‘new normal’ in workplace culture, including a significantly higher number of remote workers for the foreseeable future. These case studies highlight step by step how major employers have transformed their workplace cultures to support employee mental health and wellbeing, including measurement and lessons learned along the way.

Panel Host: Adam Bryant, Managing Director, Merryck & Co.
Panel includes: Stacey Sprenkel, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
Travis D. Hahler, Global Change and Transformation Lead, Google
Craig Kramer, Mental Health Ambassador, Johnson & Johnson
DeAnne Aussem
, Leadership Development & Wellbeing Leader, PwC US & MX

The Case for Training People Managers & the Most Effective Approaches

Learn why properly training people managers, supporting them in modelling best practices and setting up onboarding processes which support mental health will be one of your best wellbeing investments through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Understand the essential components of what makes for an impactful manager training.

Panel Host: Darcy Gruttadaro,J.D., Director, Center for Workplace Mental Health, APAF
Panel includes:
Ollie Malone, Ph.D., VP Human Resources, DFW  International Airport
Kathy Clemons, Global Head of Leadership & Manager Development, BlackRock   
Anna Binder, Head of People, Asana
Adrienne Sanders, Head of Learning & Development, Mind

How Millennial & Gen Z Leaders Are Disrupting & Evolving How Mental Health & DEI Are Addressed in Workplaces

Millennials make up 50% of the current workforce and Gen Z is starting to enter the workforce. Both generations of workers are changing the way that people and organizations think about mental health. Learn how millennial and Gen Z leaders are disrupting and evolving the way mental health and wellbeing is approached in workplaces and across society and learn how they’re promoting and building inclusive cultures for diverse workforces.

Panel Host: Louis Gagnon, CEO, Total Brain
Panel includes:
Bhavik Shah, UK Mental Health Lead / Sr. Consultant, Capco
Ananya Jain, Founder, FullCircle LLC
Pedro Anderson, Founder and COO, Winding Tree

3.20-3.30pm EST
(12.20-12.30 PDT)
Q & A
EST (12.30-1.00pm PDT)
Break Visit Exhibitor Showcases or Networking at Coffee Bar
Afternoon Keynotes (1hour 30mins total)
4.00-4.40pm EST
(1.00-1.40pm PDT)

Keynote #3 The Intersection of Mental Health and DEI in Today’s Workplace

Mental health is the next frontier of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Explore how mental health experiences differ across demographic groups--from BIPOC to LGBTQ communities and beyond--and how mental health is a new DEI category in and of itself. Hear personal stories and learn how to support the intersections of mental health and DEI as part of your people strategy, creating a truly inclusive experience for all employees.

Panel Host: Solome Tibebu, Founder & Host, Cephalo Health
Panel Includes: Kevin Dedner, CEO & Founder, Hurdle
Robert Gill, HR Business Partner, Square
Pauline Miller,
Head of Talent Development and Inclusion, Lloyd's
Rachel Parott, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, New Relic, Inc.

4.40-4.50pm EST
(1.40-1.50pm PDT)
Q & A
4.50-5.00pm EST
(1.50 - 2.00pm PDT)
Wrap up and thank you

Kelly Greenwood, Founder & CEO, Mind Share Partners

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