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Make a Difference
OCTOBER 15 2020
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2020 is witnessing workplaces changing at an unprecedented pace. Make a Difference Digital Summit US in association with Mind Share Partners is North America’s premier digital conference and exhibition addressing workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. Getting to the heart of the challenges our workplaces are facing with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we’ll bring together leading employers and experts to equip attendees with insights and solutions to meet fast-evolving needs of the modern organization.

One thing is sure - it has never been clearer how critical employee mental health and wellbeing are to the livelihood of businesses.

The core focus will be on supporting employee mental health through COVID-19, stigma, prevention, training managers, addressing access to mental healthcare, effective leadership through change and creating diverse, inclusive cultures that drive performance, whilst looking after human capital. Make a Difference will blend best-practice learning from the brightest minds with the most progressive solutions influencing systemic, positive change in mental, physical, financial and social wellbeingPreview our content.

Whether you’re just getting started with addressing workplace wellbeing for your staff or you’re moving to the next level of implementation of your strategy, from C-suite, talent executives, managers to next-generation leadership teams, join 1000+ like-minded professionals from across the continent and beyond for collaboration, inspiration and to find the right answers for your organization – now, and for the future. Learn more about why you should attend.

"Make no mistake: the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the mental health of workers everywhere. Now, more than ever, employers must be prepared with a strong foundation of support. That will require collaboration, identification of universal best practices, and the removal of roadblocks to make sure employees have access to the help they may need. The Make a Difference Summit US in association with Mind Share Partners could not have come at a better time. "
Former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy
Founder, The Kennedy Forum

"Mental health is out of the closet. It’s not going back in. It’s time to get serious about this agenda. Make a Difference Digital Summit will address the most pressing topics American employers are facing today offering best practice solutions to support the modern workforce."
Darcy Gruttadaro
JD Director, Center for Workplace Mental Health, American Psychiatric Association Foundation

"As leaders in companies, we need to focus on normalizing mental health and breaking down stigma. We need to show that we’re human and lead from a place of authenticity sharing openly about our own mental health. In this way, our workers know they’re working in an open culture where they can bring their whole selves to work and receive support when they need it."
Paul Greenberg
CEO, Butter Works

"A sense of purpose and the ability to be seen and heard as a contributor to an organization is critical to staff engagement. And, engagement leads to innovation and long term sustainability. Consequently, organizations that support the health and well being--the whole of an individual--are far better positioned to win the competition for talent."
Renee Lerche
Former Global Director, Education, Training and Development, Ford Motor Company; President, RS Lerche Associates

"To cultivate real change in workplace cultures around mental health, we must educate and empower the face of organizations: the people leaders. Make a Difference Digital Summit gets it, they are the go to event bringing the most progressive leaders to the stage. Those committed to creating cultures of authenticity and inclusion."
Michelle E. Dickinson
Author, TED Speaker, Mental Health Advocate & Strategist

"In the decade of the 20’s we’re going to face an imperative for “diversity and inclusion” that’s driven by a need to offer greater opportunity and improve business success. The challenge is to create inclusive workplaces that use policy, technology and design to defend the voice -- and health – of these emerging employee groups. The Make a Difference Digital Summit understands this and is making diversity and inclusion central to its agenda."
Dr. Mike O’Neill
Director of Global Research and Workplace Ideation, Haworth, Inc.

"More emphasis needs to be put on showing employees that they belong and are valued - beyond being a number"
Greg Vogt
Market Development Manager, PepsiCo & Active Minds Speaker

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